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7th Street Field
Garrison School - Athletic Field
Philipstown Park
Airport Field #2
Gedney Park - Upper
Pleasantville High School - Main Field
Algonquin Park
George Fisher Middle School
Pleasantville High School - Side Field
AM Dorner Middle School - Turf
George Washington Elementary School
Prospect Hill Elementary School
Amsterdam Park
Glover-Pelham High School
Pulaski Park
Ardsley Middle School
Granite Knolls Park #2A
Purchase Elementary School
Asphalt Green
Greenacres Elementary School
Quaker Ridge Elementary School
Baptist Home Lower
Greenvale ES Eastchester
Randall's Island - #50
Baptist Home Upper
Greenvale Park #1
Randall's Island - #83
Beacon High School
Greenvale Park #2
Randall's Island - Icahn Field #10
Bedford Hills Memorial Park
Greenvale Park #4
Randall's Island - Kantor Field
Bedford Village
Greenvale Park #5
Reis Park
Ben Winstanley (Greenwood Lake) Park
Greenvale Park #8
Rockingham Park #1
Benedict Farm Park
Greenville ES Edgemont
Rockingham Park #2
Beyer Drive Field
Greenville Town Park
Rockingham Park #3
Blind Brook High School - Field 1
Greenwood Lake MS
Rockland Community College
Boyce Park #1
Grieg Farm #1
Rye Country Day Field
Boyce Park Developmental
Grieg Farm #2
Rye High School - Turf
Briarcliff High School
Grieg Farm #3
Rye High School - Upper
Bronxville Scout - Lower Field
Haldane School
Rye Recreation Field
Bruno Ponterio Ridge Elementary School
Haldane School - Athletic Field
Salesian Park
Burke Estate - Upper
Haldane School - Large Gym
Sargent Kerr Field
Butler Field - Scarsdale HS - Turf
Haldane School - Small Gym
Saxon Woods
Byram Hills High School
Hamptonburgh Park
Scarsdale Middle School
Camp Kinder Ring #1
Harbor Island - 4
Scarsdale Scout Field
Camp Smith Dev
Harbor Island - Croce East
Seely Place ES - Back Field
Camp Smith Parade Ground
Harbor Island - Croce West
Seely Place ES - Front Field
Cantine Field Soccer Complex
Harbor Island - Lanza Field
Seven Bridges Middle School - Upper Field
Carmel High School
Harrison High School - Baseball Grounds
Shaw Road #1
Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School
Harrison High School - Turf
Shaw Road #2
Center for Discovery
Haverstraw Elementary School
Shaw Road #3
Central School
Haverstraw Middle School
Shaw Road #4
Circleville Park #1
Hill Crest Elementary School
Sloatsburg Community
Circleville Park #2
Holy Child School - Turf
Somers High School - Turf 2
Circleville Park #3
Holy Child School - Upper
South Middle School
City Park - Fosina
Hommocks Middle School - Field 1
Spring Street Field
City Tech Fields B
Hommocks Middle School - Field 2
Spring Valley Memorial Park
Cluett-Schanz Park
Hudson Valley Sportsdome
Sprout Brook Field
Columbus Park - Turf
Hunterbrook Park
St. Basil Academy Field
Copper Beach Middle School
JFK School
St. Basil Academy Gym
Cornwall Middle School
JFK School Developmental
Stepinac High School
Cortlandt Colonial Restaurant
Joe Palumbo Soccer Academy
Sterling Field
Craigville Park Large
King Street
Stone Church Field
Craigville Park Medium
Kristi Babcock Park / Mt Airy #2
Craigville Park Small - Dev
Lakeland High School
Stringham Park #1
Crane Road Lower Front
Legacy Woodland #2
Stringham Park #10
Crane Road Upper Back
Lincoln Park
Stringham Park #2
Crawford Park Soccer - Large
LM Klein MS Union Ave Small
Stringham Park #4
Creek Road #1
Stringham Park #6
Creek Road #1 Large
Macy Park
Stringham Park #7
Creek Road #3 Small
Mamaroneck High School
Stringham Park #8
Cronomer Hill Park #2 Dev
Marbletown ES #2
SUNY Purchase - Field A
Crossways (Scarsdale)
Marlboro High School
SUNY Purchase - Field C
Croton Point Park
Matthew Patterson ES #1
Tech City Fields #1
David Weiss Park County Club (Maybrook)
Matthew Patterson ES #2
Tech City Fields #2
Delano Hitch Park
Meadow Hill School
Tech City Fields #3
Delaware Valley HS
Memorial Park
Temple Hill Academy
Mill Road School #2
The Club - Large
Discovery Health Center
Millbrook Prep School
The Net (Gold's Gym Sports Complex)
Dobbs Ferry High School
Miller JV
Thomas Felton
Doherty Park #1
Miller Varsity
Thomas Jefferson ES #1
Doherty Park #2
Mombasha Town Park
Thomas Jefferson Park
Dragon Park
Mount Hope
Tibbetts Brook Park
Dutchess Fairgrounds
Mt. Vernon High School - Upper Field
Todd Elementary School
E Fishkill Complex #1
Nansen Field Lower (Baptist Home)
Town Center Park #1
E Fishkill Complex #2
Nardone #1
Town Center Park #2
E Fishkill Complex #3
Nardone #2
Traphagen Elementary School
E Fishkill Complex #371
Nelson Park
Tymor Park
E Fishkill Complex #372
New Paltz High School - Dev
Upper Gedney Field
E Fishkill Complex E
New Paltz High School - Large
Uriah Hill School
E Fishkill Complex W
New Paltz High School - Medium
Valhalla High School
East Coldenham School
New Rochelle High School - Large Turf
Valley Central High School
Eastchester High School - Turf
Newburgh Armory Unity Center
Valley Central Middle School
Edgemont High School
Newburgh Free Academy North Campus
Van Cortlandt Park - Field 6
Emerson Field
North Salem High School
Van Cortlandt Park - Stadium
Fallsburg High School
NY Military Academy #1
Veterans Park - Orangeburg
FDR High School
NY Military Academy #2
Walter Panas HS Turf
Field Home
Onatru Farm Park - Field 3
Warwick Town Park
Fleming Park
Osborn Elementary School Field
Waterfront Park
Flint Park - Back
Ossining High School
Webutuck High School
Flint Park - Front
Parker Stadium
West Point - H Lot Field
Flint Park - Turf
Patterson Town Park
West Point - Shea Stadium
Fox Meadow Elementary School
Pawling Elementary
West Point Prep #1
Fox Valley Town Park - Lower Field
Pearl River Middle School
William Lain Field
Fox Valley Town Park - Upper Field
Philipstown Community Center Field
Woodlands High School - Field 2
Franklin-Pelham High School
Philipstown Community Center Gym
YCCC (Sixth Grade School)
Garrison Fish & Game Club